What Is Another Word For Narrow

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  • Apr 22, 2021

Synonyms for narrowed include restricted limited controlled reduced regulated curbed bounded circumscribed defined and definite. 1 circumscribed close confined constricted contracted cramped incapacious limited meagre near pinched restricted scanty straitened tight.

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Plans to narrow down the scope of the investigation into the government scandal.

What is another word for narrow. Antonyms of narrow down to reduce in size or volume by or as if by pressing parts or members together. Synonyms for narrow in Free Thesaurus. Synonyms for narrow down capsule capsulize collapse compact compress.

Fine hairline needlelike Antonyms. Synonyms for narrow road include pass route canyon gap gorge ravine col defile couloir and cut. Adverb for of small width in relation to length.

The act of constricting the state of being constricted or something that constricts. Thin fine lean slight slim pinched slender tapered tapering attenuated limited restricted confined tight close near. Being of less than usual width.

Very near or close. What are synonyms for narrow. Broad fat wide Find the right word.

The action or power of focusing all ones attention. I dont think Im narrow-minded. Synonyms for narrow focus include sectionalism sectionality insularity parochialism provincialism provinciality regionalism narrow-mindedness lack of refinement and lack of sophistication.

Diminishing to a point or edge. Of a body part Low in body fat or mass. Adverb for denoting or relating to a contest that is won or lost by only a very small margin.

Synonyms for narrow opening include opening crack chink fissure crevice slit cleft rift gap and cranny. Adverb for limited in extent amount or scope. Another Words For Synonyms of Narrow.

She sees that the almshouses prisons and the hospitals for the sick and maimed are the ostentation of a narrow charity that dies at its first gasp. 2 biased bigoted dogmatic illiberal insular intolerant narrow-minded partial prejudiced puritan reactionary small-minded. Synonyms for narrow passage include laneway alley alleyway back street byway lane passage passageway path and pathway.

Example Sentences With Narrow. Dogmatic small-minded opinionated closed-minded dogmatical self-opinionated close-minded intolerant petty illiberal opinionative narrow-minded. The streets in the citys neighborhoods were very narrow.

Adverb for precise or strict in meaning. Find more similar words at. Of small width in relation to length.

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