How To Cover An Existing Fireplace Mantel

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  • Apr 29, 2021

1722021 Besides it also helps to cover the joint between the fireplace and the rest of the wall. That extended the mantel top almost three inches further.

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19102017 For example you can cover the fireplace with stone and then continue with matching wood an electric or ethanol fireplace can be covered with wood too if its not too close to the part that is hot.

How to cover an existing fireplace mantel. Move the mantel out of the way measure down from the horizontal line the thickness of the mantel top plus 18 in. Its secured to the original and to the wall with screws. It should look like this minus the stain I told yall I just get a head of.

2742021 To achieve a whitewashed effect Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living cut the white paint with water to thin it out. We put the plywood on top because we planned to attach molding to the top layer so the edge wouldnt show. To the top and front length to accommodate the 34.

2192014 How To Cover Your Brick Fireplace. 1532002 Start the installation by setting the mantel into place and centering it on the firebox. It feels so good to have another project checked off the list at least partially.

She then rolled it on with a textured nap roller cover followed by brushwork. This fireplace mantel cover is similar in looks to our standard mantel but is made to fit over existing obstacles such as bricks stones brick corbels existing mantel etc that do not exceed 3 in depth or height. Measure the dimensions of your existing mantel and cut down the 8-foot plywood into two long strips that will fit around the mantel when assembled.

Then it can be sanded to smooth out. We used a combination of wood glue and a nail gun to attach these boards to the existing mantel. Slip this directly over the existing mantel and secure it in an inconspicuous place like the top with masonrycement screws.

If the mantel sits away from the wall add more wood trim to cover the gaps. Ad Search for Fireplace mantels at InternetCorkBoard. 1512011 Now you will have a box minus one side.

Check out results for Fireplace mantels. It might need primed 6-8 times. Mark short pencil lines onto the wall along the top and sides of the mantel.

1432019 We stacked two different types of wood on top of the existing mantel. We added three inches to each side and the front by cutting a 2x 8 piece of lumber to fit over. A fireplace clad with grey patterned tiles and reclaimed wood over it to keep it safe.

The primer will fill gaps and holes and also bond the slivers by encasing them. 2962019 Here is an example of an existing fireplace that would be a perfect candidate for refacing with a fireplace mantel. 632019 Get a good primer like Kilz or Zerolac and prime the heck out of it.

And draw a level line on the wall. The 3 brick supports under the current mantel could actually be knocked off and hidden with decor or in this case personally I would put an old barn beam or a faux beam there. A wood stove inserted in the fireplace solves the problem of wood-burning fireplaces energy inefficiency.

Check out results for Fireplace mantels. Made of solid Pennsylvania hardwood. It would immediately highlight the fireplace.

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